Why June Exists

We started June for one simple reason. We were frustrated with the hiring process for experienced tech talent. We believe there is a better way to be hired that benefits both talent as well as recruiters and hiring managers.

Our Team

We're passionate about always pushing the limit of what is possible.

Lane Campbell

The CEO: Ductus Exemplo.

Gaurav Valani

The Chief Product Officer: Recruiting Wizard.

Chris Lemire

The Chief Financial Officer: Head Number Cruncher.


Official Dog of June

Our Advisors

Great things are bulit in collaboration with others, our advisors constantly drive us to up our game.

Massimo Di Pierro

DePaul Professor, Consultant for Google.

Peteris Krumins

Expert Hacker, CEO of Browserling.

Charles Gaudet

Pure, Unfiltered, Marketing Brilliance.

Tim Ressmeyer

June's Coach.

Chris Ziobehr

Entrepreneur and Investment Banker.

Josh Bourquin

Real life rocket scientist.

Josh Holat

Entrepreneur & Hacker Extraordinaire.

Bruce Campbell

Elder Statesmen of the group.

Noodle Cat

If I fits I sits.

Our Board of Directors

Amazing people building amazing things.

Ann Marie

Reformed Trader, Venture Capitalist & Board Member

Chris Lemire

CFO and Board Member.